Thursday, January 13, 2022

Time for some Blog Necromancy

 I´ve been neglecting this blog again... time to attempt to raise it from the dead again.

The lure of social media has been strong and so I´ve been posting a lot of stuff on platforms like Facebook and Instagram as that seems to be the place were most people are located these days.  

And yet I am not a friend of these platforms with their endless feeds of content, with little option to filter for special fields of interest.  So after some consideration, I´ll be trying to give this blog another chance. 

Don´t expect many updates or a regular schedule... 

Here are some new sculpts I have been working on:

These will supplement my Australians for Vietnam, which were released last year and are already available in the shop:

As well as the Vietcong Sets armed with a variety of different weapons:

And to not make this just an advertising show, here are some more Work-In-Progress Afghan Captives. 

These guys popped up as a side project as I worked on more Taliban (pics coming soon). I had some reference pics with captives / hostages in my collection and after looking at them for hours I felt they deserved their own miniatures. 

These minis are also different in that I am using polymer clay here. 1 or 2 years back I bought myself some BeesPutty and tried working with Oven-hardening clay. It´s a bit different from working with epoxy putties, can be challenging especially when modelling the arms - but it is very rewarding in its own way and perfect to sculpt minis that have their arms close to their bodies such as these captives... 

or this Tank commander that I was commissioned to sculpt: 

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