Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome to my new blog

So, what´s this all about?
I´ve decided to create my own blog to post my progress reports on my wargaming experiences for all those who are interested in reading them. So what is to be expected here in the future?

Currently, my Forces are rather limited. I´ve reentered wargaming recently, after coming into contact with it again through the internet. Though I had some experiences with Warhammer Fantays in my teenage years, I´ve not really been satisfied by this set of rules and never got into it that much. My small High-Elf Army has been bought and painted but only saw one or two minor matches of combat, as all the other guys that played Warhammer invested MUCH more money into their armies and quickly outnumbered my forces...

Some years later I came into contact with wargaming again as my best friend and I played some demo round of Confrontation on a gaming exposition. It was all nice and fun, but the fact that he and his friends lived far away for european standards (stop laughting Americans, 120km is considered quite some distance here in the old world ;) ) effectively limited my inclusion into their gaming group. Of course I bought and painted some Minis (most of them were actually birthday/christmas-gifts from my best friend), but this time it was distance and lack of gaming experience that prevented my from fully delving into the hobby.

But now, modern technology and the fact that I´m a little older might actually change some things. After spending hours of reading TMP and other Wargaming sites, I decided to get into the hobby again. My best friend still lives far away, but I´m confident I will find someone to play in my local area, as soon as enough minis are ready (by that time I´ll probably have moved to another area, where an organized wargaming club is in existance :D )

So, long story short: I´m currently playing Modern Wargames with Force on Force. I own a small collection of 20mm US Army and Taliban from Elhiem Miniatures - some are still to be painted.
That´s the "Rifles" for the Modern Part.

US Soldiers in Multicam

Furthermore, I´m starting up a Renaissance Army in 10mm - Thirty Years War / 17th century. My minis are currently being shipped, painting and stuff will take some time and I still have to decide on what rules to use. But sooner or later, I´ll probably bother you with pictures and battle-reports ;)
That´s the "Muskets" for the Renaissance Part.

This time, Modern Technology enables me to actually play with all those minis, as I´ve discovered that it´s quite possible and interesting to play wargames by Email. Apart from that, my Brother shows some interest in test-playing my scenarios, though his tactical abilities are still in development ;-)
And of coures, after I´ve moved, I´ll show you the recent exploits from the wargaming club if they accept me into their ranks :D.

That´s it for now!