Saturday, April 30, 2016

Horny Girl...

Another recent paintjob I finished on a spare Daemonette of Slaanesh, slightly converted.

With this figure, I tried another color scheme using a lot of purple. The basic colors were layered in using my airbrush, followed up by careful layering of all the different colors.
Experimenting with Non Metallic Metal on both the staff and the armor was very interesting and a great learning experience.

I´m pretty happy with the result overall, but not with the photo.  The picture doesn´t really to the figure justice. Maybe I´ll get the opportunity to take better pics some day - until then, here she is:

Big Badboy

After a long period of silence I thought I might as well pop up here again with some recent work in progress.  Unfortunately I still have issues with my lighting situation indoors and the sun is not yet strong enough to work long evenings on the balcony. While the light is barely sufficient to get figures painted, I have a very hard time taking decent photos.

Anyway, I´ve started working on some more Fantasy models as I am in no mood for painting anything modern, be it vehicles or infantry. Instead, I wanted to improve my painting on some of the larger 28mm models I had in store. I also got a box of Putrid Blightkings from the big bad Sheriff of Nottingham.

Though I cringed at the price tag on first sight, I actually think the kit is not as expensive as it seems if you make full use of it.  Being proficient with sculpting I can use all the bits and pieces to create a lot more blightkings than the 5 that you are supposed to be building.

Before going to these lengths I started with the standard kits doing some minor conversion work by switching some weapons and heads on the minis to create my own version of nurgles servants.
I went on to build some nice scenic bases, untercoated everything with black and grey. Then I established some basic colors by airbrushing thin layers of green, orange, skin tones and blue.

After doing that on two of the more fleshy models, I picked up the regular brushes and started working back and forth with layers and glazes of tan, yellows and fleshtones for the highlights and reds, blues and greens for the shadows and middle tones.

And here we are with the current status of my first Blightking:

He´s actually not glued to the base yet, just loosely placed on it for future reference.
Another pic of the raw mini:

And his companions: 

I´ll try to post some more updates as I progress with the work on these.

And maybe I´ll finally be able to take some good photos of the other work I´ve been doing. Fingers crossed ;)