Sunday, September 28, 2014

Code Red - Dev Diary 1: The Beginning

Alright, where do I start...

Some of you might remember that I´ve been working on a set of houserules for Force on Force a while ago after discovering some issues with how Force on Force resolves things and how that distorts the outcome of the game due to the way the game mechanic works.

After developing and testing several versions of this set of houserules I´ve come to the point where I have to take the next step forward, leaving the base system behind and free myself from the remaining restrictions -  so at this point it is time to thank everyone who participated in Testing the rules and have given suitable feedback, special thanks goes to Evilrobotshane, JP Barriere, Spawnferkel, Beast44a, Zelekendel, and my local gaming club, Kurpfalz Feldherren including our guests from Frankfurt, who endured my playtesting sessions (and still do).
And of course Volker, who is actively engaged in developing the rules together with me. 

But let´s go back a step and take a look at the set ouf houserules.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey folks,

as I have to fill some space in mold I´ve decided to build some quick and cheap Taliban by converting two of my African Rebels.  The third one is a new sculpt quickly thrown together and still in the works.

These should work fine to fill the remaining space together with another set of Insurgents I´ve been working on for quite a while. After that I´ll take a look at my list and see what the next priority is...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Enfilade Releases Imminent

Having picked up my new casts yesterday I can give you a small sneak peak of some of the next releases coming up...

Light is still crappy, but you should be used to that from me by now :(

South African Defense Forces with R4 Rifle:

African Insurgents with FN FAL:

Babai and one of his Underlings:

And more hidden behind the veil of secrets (not really, you´ve seen it all already if you´ve
been around for some time)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Level Up! - Painting Foreign Fighters

Morning folks,

uring my painting session yesterday I continued working on my Insurgents and finally experimenting with my painting style brought a huge wow-effect.

For me this was pretty much a level up into another league of painting, I hope my next few figures will be as good as these...

A slightly different angle, just a few degrees more to the right

Now off to the next occasion, will be going to a hobby fair today, hopefully be able to pick up my new casts and have a nice modelling saturday ;)

Seeya tomorrow with all the new stuff!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Painting Foreign Fighters

And another small update to keep you entertained - just did some more painting today, fleshing out little bits of my Insurgent Foreign Fighters and again experimenting with some new techniques.

A good bit of WIP here, basecoating and a first layer of highlights applied.
Next step is adding some camo on the relevant parts and touching up the faces. But it´s dusk outside and light is fading, so this was postponed to later.

Monday, September 15, 2014

CSAR - The Conclusion (DevTest Part 2)

So last time we stopped with the Americans in dire straits, having almost lost a full fireteam to the Insurgents converging on their position...

If you´ve missed the first part of our internal playtest, check it out here:

Turn 4

Starts with casualty checks on the unit in the centre and the GPMG-Teamo n the right. The Americans find both of their buddy lightly wounded and patch them up to keep their units functioning.

For the time being, the seriously wounded casualties on the left flank are alive, none of them dies but without the presence of a Medic of an evacuation to a safe zone this will not remain so by default.

The Insurgents seize the opportunity of the moment and take initiative....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

CSAR (Part 1) - A Developer Playtest

Hello folks an welcome again to the revelation of a strictly guarded secret.

You might remember that I´ve been developing a set of Houserules for Force on Force as I grew discontent with some of its rule mechanisms and set out to change certain things... well, things have progressed since that time and the more I changed on the game system, the more I realised I didn´t need Force on Force as a Basis anymore. At some point the restrictions of basing my mechanics on another system became so obvious that I did away with the foundations (read: FoF) and set up my own game system, evolving from the set of houserules I once designed.

Today, for the first time, you´ll see these mechanics at work in our little playtest...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Badassifying Undead Chariots

Next to the Stalkers that I´ve already presented here, I started working on the other Undead kit I obtained together with the Sepulchral Stalkers on ebay:  Three Chariots of the Undead.

Having the basic paintscheme finished I noted that something was missing on those chariots... they just did not look dreadful enough, despite all the evil skulls & bones. And then it struck me: The Chariots needed razorblades on the wheels.

Hardly visible, so there´s another perspective:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Ways to Follow

Hey folks,

I´ve reconfigured the blog by adding another gadget for all of you who don´t have a blogger account to follow my latest entries.

There is now a new option available that should allow anyone to get notified when there´s new stuff going on here:

You can follow using the plain old email subscription!

Hope this is enables some of you guys without a blog to subscribe and follow regularly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sepulchral Stalker WIP

Oh my god, what has happened with the day? It´s almost passed already and I didn´t do anything but painting today - well, almost nothing else, truth be told I did do something else for the last three hours or so...

Anyway, I´ve continued painting more Fantasy stuff and as long as my new modern orders don´t arrive I will continue painting some Warhammer figures from my stash. I´m doing these for the joy of painting - not planning to build a playable army or somesuch, but I like some of the models and being a bigger scale than my usual work, they are perfect for experimenting with new techniques and painting styles.

So today I had a very enjoyable session practising with my airbrush while painting my Sepulchral Stalkers, some very nice models that I´ve been longing to paint since I saw a video on youtube showing them.

Here´s my current Work in Progress - not yet especially impressive.

My intention was to break with the usual red-gold combination of these models, instead giving them an evil green glow topped up by a shining silver armour.

Monday, September 8, 2014

High Elf Swordmaster - Step 1 [More Fantasy]

I´m very sorry for the modern crowd, this is another fantasy entry - but I´ll get back to you soon with more stuff. I´ve sent another package for casting so there should be new releases to be presented here as soon as I get the delivery.

Meanwhile I´m taking a short break from modern stuff and 20mm to rejuvenate. As I´ve been repainting my Warhammer High Elves (first minis I ever collected) together with my girlfriend, I thought I might as well add a unique hero to the army.

I quickly decided to do my own version of a High Elf Swordmaster of Hoeth as I have a full unit of those and have some fond memories of their background story and their performance in combat back when I played Warhammer (long long time ago ;) )

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The First Time...

Today I´m back with a somewhat different entry...

As the title says, it´s about the first miniatures, or to be more precise, the minis I first painted about 10 years ago.  With a special twist, as you´ll see.

I recently dug through my old storage when I was visiting my parents and discovered my old stash of Warhammer Fantasy High Elves that had been waiting there all along. My original intention was to sell them outright, so I took them home with me.
Halfway through I thought I might as well have some fun with them first and set them aside for refurbishing, putting on  new paintjob.

Then yesterday I was able to motivate my girlfriend to paint these elves with me...
And so we started redoing the Elves and what was once my first-painted regiment now contains the first minis my girlfriend painted ;)

Here´s my old, ugly version -  of course I can´t tell anymore which was the very first figure from that regiment I painted, but this regiment was definitely the first.

And my girlfriends version, painted under my watchful eyes:

Comparison shot:

Very nice, ain´t it?

Of course the miniature was painted with my guidance benefiting from all the experience and equipment available today vs. 10 years back:
  • Back then I virtually painted the figure with the 5 colors you see -  white, green, mithril silver, elf flesh and the light brown I don´t remember.  Repainting the figure we had a lot more colors in my palette,  using at least twice the number of colors...
  • Back then I didn´t know how to shade or even wash a figure, the repaint used two washes alone
  • Back then I painted on plain black primer, the new paintjob was done on a preshaded figure using my recently acquired airbrush
  • Back then I had nobody giving me a detailed tutorial, while all my experience went into the repaint.
Nevertheless, you see there´s a great deal of talent waiting to be fostered - and with the Elf turning out nicely, she´s very motivated to keep painting!  :)

While introducing her into the process and doing my own Elf a little faster, I also had time to finish this fellow - you might recognize him, it´s my Eternal Guardian,  sculpted by yours truly.

More Fantasy repainting is coming, there´s three full regiments to repaint -  but worry not, I´m also expecting another set of modern minis!  For those days when the girlfriend isn´t in the mood... ;-D

...for painting, dammit!

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Enfilade Figures - Work in Progress

Hey guys,

I´ve been busy preparing the next package for shipment and production and it should leave the house very soon, just one figure left to clean up.

This pack will include a new section of SADF armed with R4 - you already saw most of the sculpt, here are the last two of the pack: 

Meanwhile, I´ve started on the next project of further expanding my choice of Insurgents.
Here´s a first shot with various stages of work in progress:

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Releases - SADF, Rebels, SAS...


it´s been a long time that these have been in the making, but I´m finally able to release some of the minis presented on this blog earlier as full metal castings.

The following batch is now available through my website:

-SADF Section with FN FALs
-African Rebels with AK
-African Rebels with Support Weapons-
-Cold War SAS with M16
-African Dictator with Body Guard

Below are some impressions of the painted minis (not all).

Click on the banner on the top right or go to to purchase these sets.

Thanks for looking!