Saturday, September 6, 2014

The First Time...

Today I´m back with a somewhat different entry...

As the title says, it´s about the first miniatures, or to be more precise, the minis I first painted about 10 years ago.  With a special twist, as you´ll see.

I recently dug through my old storage when I was visiting my parents and discovered my old stash of Warhammer Fantasy High Elves that had been waiting there all along. My original intention was to sell them outright, so I took them home with me.
Halfway through I thought I might as well have some fun with them first and set them aside for refurbishing, putting on  new paintjob.

Then yesterday I was able to motivate my girlfriend to paint these elves with me...
And so we started redoing the Elves and what was once my first-painted regiment now contains the first minis my girlfriend painted ;)

Here´s my old, ugly version -  of course I can´t tell anymore which was the very first figure from that regiment I painted, but this regiment was definitely the first.

And my girlfriends version, painted under my watchful eyes:

Comparison shot:

Very nice, ain´t it?

Of course the miniature was painted with my guidance benefiting from all the experience and equipment available today vs. 10 years back:
  • Back then I virtually painted the figure with the 5 colors you see -  white, green, mithril silver, elf flesh and the light brown I don´t remember.  Repainting the figure we had a lot more colors in my palette,  using at least twice the number of colors...
  • Back then I didn´t know how to shade or even wash a figure, the repaint used two washes alone
  • Back then I painted on plain black primer, the new paintjob was done on a preshaded figure using my recently acquired airbrush
  • Back then I had nobody giving me a detailed tutorial, while all my experience went into the repaint.
Nevertheless, you see there´s a great deal of talent waiting to be fostered - and with the Elf turning out nicely, she´s very motivated to keep painting!  :)

While introducing her into the process and doing my own Elf a little faster, I also had time to finish this fellow - you might recognize him, it´s my Eternal Guardian,  sculpted by yours truly.

More Fantasy repainting is coming, there´s three full regiments to repaint -  but worry not, I´m also expecting another set of modern minis!  For those days when the girlfriend isn´t in the mood... ;-D

...for painting, dammit!

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