Thursday, September 11, 2014

Badassifying Undead Chariots

Next to the Stalkers that I´ve already presented here, I started working on the other Undead kit I obtained together with the Sepulchral Stalkers on ebay:  Three Chariots of the Undead.

Having the basic paintscheme finished I noted that something was missing on those chariots... they just did not look dreadful enough, despite all the evil skulls & bones. And then it struck me: The Chariots needed razorblades on the wheels.

Hardly visible, so there´s another perspective:

And the stalkers have undergone some revision, the bases are still not finished, but the rest I consider to be finished:

And today some good news for the Modern Crowd: New figures have arrived, now all I that´s needed is motivation to paint them up instead of fantasy stuff :D

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