Sunday, November 22, 2015

More Modern British Armed Forces

Hey folks,

just a single pic today to show what I´m working on at the moment:  More British Infantry.
While the photo is not ideal, it should give you a basic idea what you can expect in the second set of these guys.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Special Forces

Hey folks,

it´s been silent for a long time, I know. Now that I´m working full-time there´s a lot of stuff going on and even if I feel like painting and actually finish something I am rarely in the mood to take pictures and post it up.  Same goes for sculpting,

However, having a sunday with not much else to do enabled me not only to finish some models but take some pics of the results.

So here they are:  Some Elhiem Australian SAS painted up in a deserty-fantasy-camouflage posing as generic SpecOps in Light gear for my collection.

These guys were actually quite hard to paint because I went for a monochromatic scheme with a sandy base color all over the figures. Only the weapons and shadows would provide some contrast here. For this reason, I had to revert to a trick and create contrast by giving the bases a darker color and adding some subtle colorations (which you probably can´t pick up with the naked eye on these pics, but they do their job) to make the figures pop.

It actually worked out better than expected, for some time I was worried that I might have ruined these figures, but the result is satisfactory.

I also funneled some of my newly earned money into another order at Elhiem to continue the buildup for my Cold War Soviet force. 

And I dispatched a shipment of new masters to my caster, hoping to release some new figures just in time for christmas. Fingers crossed and no promises, he is very busy at the moment.