Sunday, November 15, 2015

Special Forces

Hey folks,

it´s been silent for a long time, I know. Now that I´m working full-time there´s a lot of stuff going on and even if I feel like painting and actually finish something I am rarely in the mood to take pictures and post it up.  Same goes for sculpting,

However, having a sunday with not much else to do enabled me not only to finish some models but take some pics of the results.

So here they are:  Some Elhiem Australian SAS painted up in a deserty-fantasy-camouflage posing as generic SpecOps in Light gear for my collection.

These guys were actually quite hard to paint because I went for a monochromatic scheme with a sandy base color all over the figures. Only the weapons and shadows would provide some contrast here. For this reason, I had to revert to a trick and create contrast by giving the bases a darker color and adding some subtle colorations (which you probably can´t pick up with the naked eye on these pics, but they do their job) to make the figures pop.

It actually worked out better than expected, for some time I was worried that I might have ruined these figures, but the result is satisfactory.

I also funneled some of my newly earned money into another order at Elhiem to continue the buildup for my Cold War Soviet force. 

And I dispatched a shipment of new masters to my caster, hoping to release some new figures just in time for christmas. Fingers crossed and no promises, he is very busy at the moment.


  1. Looking good man, really great brushwork. We need to see them in action; are your rules done yet?


    1. Rules are still in development, but coming along nicely. Infantry and vehicle combat is almost finished, working on the finishing touches for these mechanics. While the "core" mechanics can be considered to be 90% done, the current obstacle is designing a good scenario builder allowing to escape the typical equal-strength-setup while still presenting a challenge to both factions. Results have been negligible there over the last few months, but I feel like my mind is making progress on this matter once again, I need to try if the idea works out though...

      Unfortunately it´s all in german right now, otherwise I´d be happy to invite you into the playtesting group ;)

    2. Excellent, and good luck, I know you've been working on them for quite some time.

      No worries about playtesting; I'd like to help, but I've got a whole lot of stuff going on right now, so perhaps it's for the best!