Saturday, July 18, 2015

Juli Releases

After a stressful week I finally had some time to prepare the new batch of figures I received. Now that the photos are taken and the sets created in the online shop, the marketing drum has to be played


The US Army range has received a few additions in the form of a specialist pack including two AT-gunners (AT4 +M72), a Marksman and a Leader:

I also added another fireteam to add some new poses - so you can swap out minis in the already existing US Infantry squad set to add some variety.

If you´re not interested in Americans - fine... I also got some commies cast: A variety of Chinese that had been waiting for production for quite some time. The configuration of the sets is not final, I´m planning to make a complete squad of 9 men available in the correct TOE - until then, they´re available as follows:

Four Chinese Riflemen with QBZ-95

And a support/command team including a leader and a PF-89 AT-gunner plus another rifleman

The figures are available at

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Special Forces Painted

Painted some Special Forces & Afghan Suspects over the weekend to reduce the stash of unpainted and WIP figures.

Figures are Elhiem (3 leftmost) + Enfilade (right)