Friday, July 22, 2016

Guardian of Old

Hidden in the mountain caves of the Diamond Mountains, the old Dragonkin dwells - decendants of ancient dragons, they are the Bulwark against the rising Chaos Brood emerging from their hellish pits.

This was a first test mini to establish the color scheme and technique to use for the rest of a small force of Fantasy Dragonkin Warriors. Right now, he remains the only one of his kind, but more troops are being raised as I post these pictures.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Demon Brood

Latest pictures with a new camera and some photo editing of some minis I painted not too long ago.
I wasn´t very satisfied with the pictures that my cellphone produced, so I shelved them without posting any results here.

Now, I think the outcome can be presented in a way that does the paintjob justice.

 First, a Putrid Blightking wading through swampy terrain to spread corruption among his hapless victims:

A  Bloodletter rising from the hellpits of Chaos, yearning for slaughter...

A Pink Horror stalking for prey...

Fortunately, the Forces of Chaos have not yet gathered their full strength to overwhelm the Guardians of our earthly realms...  stay tuned to see the protectors of the old order tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

British Patrol

After a long break, I´ve finally returned to finishing some British Troopers for my Cold War Setup.

These have been painted recently, using all the new tricks and shortcuts I´ve acquired in recent months - rather quick paintjobs in fact, painting 7 or 8 minis within a few hours.

So the result is not suuper tight, but good enough for the scale.

Hope you like it - more (and better) stuff is coming up soon before I´ll disappear in silence again while being away from home for a holiday break.