Sunday, October 4, 2015


Hey folks,

time to present some more results. I still got to take some good pictures of the finalised diorama, but with the horrible lighting situation in Mainz I decided it was not worth taking the pics there. Instead, I´ll stage proper photo at home at some point.

First off, though, I´ll present you one of my recent commissions: German Special Forces.
It´s high time I did an update for my KSK set, and a contact from one of the forums I frequent asked if modern German Special Forces with the latest helmets were available somewhere.
Being pretty sure that no one has such a set for sale, I offered him a deal and we agreed on producing a test figure to decide on how to continue with this little project

And here it is:

I´ve also been rather busy painting some more fantasy stuff and 20mm Samurai for Andy at Hagen Miniatures using the new Valljo Game Air colors (highly recommended, more on that later!).

Also, new figures are being prepared, a lot of which have not been presented yet: SADF squad is finished, some Cold War Germans are in the making, more Insurgents are halfway through and I´m still planning to finalise the Modern French set.

To sum it up: I´m silently working on a lot of new stuff as well as doing some commissions, so don´t worry about my lack of updates :)