Wednesday, July 24, 2013

US Navy Seal

The latest sculpt, completely self-made, no pre-fabbed weapon this time. I´ve made some copies of the M4 using instamould though, so I can reproduce them anytime I need more.

This guy is losely based on US Navy Seals in Boonie hats....

And wearing a patrol pack for some missions behind enemy lines.

Unfortunately the muzzle of the rifle broke off as I dropped the mini halfway through and I had to remodel it.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Multicam v2?

Hey there,

just a quick stop-by from my painting session today. I´ve finally started to work on my Human Interaction team and picked one guy to be the guinea pig for trying a new color-combination to get a rough representation of Multicam in 20mm:

Just did the trousers, easier to stop and repaint if things go awry.

Its just rought-going to determine the overall coloring, I didn´t fiddle with minor details to get the scheme exactly right. I´m not quite concinved if its still too dark or okay that way - but its certainly an improvement over my first version.

For comparison:

I guess its still too dark and much to rough (especially the white splotches), but getting closer to the real thing. Any ideas on how to improve it further?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

News from the Workbench

Short update for today: Exam time has begun last week and I decided to reduce the amount of sculpting until my first batch of minis are cast. I´ve returned to painting in the last few days, relaxing on the sunny balcony during my breaks from learning. These are the results:

Three Taliban (well, one could be used as a civilian as well).

I also started to paint my armor and vehicles, though these are early WIP, just got their first basic tone and need more love until they look decent.

And finally, some sculpting as well, still WIP - my attempt to replicate my own MG3-gunner, which is already painted and certainly wouldn´t like any moldmaking-process.

He still needs a helmet and some tweaking, I somehow feel like his vest is not voluminous enough.
I also manufactured some weapons, which is really fiddly, but I think some of them look quite decent. I´ll have them cast for my own use, but won´t show you photos as some of the kit would give away my plans for the next figures to come ;)

That´s all for today!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nam Nam Nam...

Finished more NAM-Soldiers yesterday. I think I´ve done enough of them for now, time to move on to something else. I´ll finish another MG3-Gunner and have the first batch of minis cast. Any maybe I´ll take a little break from sculpting, as I won´t have that much time for the rest of the week.

One Rifleman and one MG-Gunner. Note that this is my first attempt at doing muscles, he is supposed to have naked arms, but somehow I slightly overdid the muscles :D

And a view from the backside, so you can see the details of the pouches and LBE-gear.

Hope you enjoy!