Wednesday, July 24, 2013

US Navy Seal

The latest sculpt, completely self-made, no pre-fabbed weapon this time. I´ve made some copies of the M4 using instamould though, so I can reproduce them anytime I need more.

This guy is losely based on US Navy Seals in Boonie hats....

And wearing a patrol pack for some missions behind enemy lines.

Unfortunately the muzzle of the rifle broke off as I dropped the mini halfway through and I had to remodel it.


  1. hey men congratulations nice minis ,, most be great that you make your own figs and more dinamic poses ,what kind of clay are you using , sculpey??

    1. Hey,

      yes, sculpting your own minis is great fun once you get the hang of it. I´m mostly using Apoxie Sculpt for these, sometimes complemented by Greenstuff if I need more flexible or sticky parts (like the barrel that broke off - would crumble again if I´d used Apoxie, but Greenstuff stays there)