Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shelled Trees

Quite some time ago, I had started on a rather small terrain piece to create some very localised rises to enhance the otherwise flat playing surface. I never finished it and actually held it in my hands once to discard it.  This weekend I picked it up again and changed my original plan by adding more interest to the pile of dirt I had originally planned.

Unfortunately the picture doesn´t look as good as the original as I screwed up with the light settings this time, be assured it looks a lot better in reality. I was just too lazy to assemble the camera again to take a better photo.

Anyway, onto the original pile I added a lot of treestumps with rugged edges to represent a part of the landscape that took some damage by recent fighting in the area.  Adding the trees also allowed me to make it look individual on the battlefield, rather than just another pile of dirt, without putting much effort into it.

It´s large enough to give cover to a fireteam or machine gun, and will count as hard cover in my games.  Looking forward to giving it a place on the next battlefield.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Watch your Step" - IEDs!

These devices were in the pipeline to get rebased on thin, synthetic cork bases. They are very early designs, left over from an age where I wasn´t as adept in painting and modelling.

To rebase them, I essentially rebuilt them completely. It´s very simple to create these IED-markers from scrap. Take some plastic sprues (preferably round pieces), cut them down to the right size and glue them onto the base. If you have thin wire, you can use them to further enhance the model.

Here I chose to paint them green, like discarded artillery munitions, but you can probably use all sorts of colors to create piles of junk where explosives might be hidden using the same building blocks cut from leftover sprues.

I painted the wires blue and red for an extra eye catching effect. The rest of the piece is created using the usual basing techniques.

Tomorrow,  I´ll show you more terrain.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Suspect Individuals

Here we go with the next minis which I actually finished last week. Again, these were long time residents on my rack of to-do figures which I picked up and finished rather quickly.

These shady individuals will make a nice addition to my Afghan Insurgents or Civilian groups, creating all kinds of confusion on the battlefield.

Painting-wise, I´m not too happy about the skirt on the right figure, I certainly overdid the contrast and created an almost metallic look with too hard edges. I tried to fix it several times and finally fed up with it and left him be.  It will probably not hurt too much when looked at from a tabletop. distance.

Tomorrow, I shall reveal what these two have been up to...

Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Falke, hier Adler - Kommen!"

Over the weekend I´ve been trying to get some paint on figures that have long been sitting on my paint rack to get rid of some of the figures in the painting backlog. My rack is still filled with a lot of stuff that needs to be done, but little by little I´m churning through the pile.

This weekend I picked some 20mm minis and terrain to finish up.  Pics will be appearing here throughout the next week.

We start today with an NVA Funker (Radioman) by Elhiem who was sitting around with a basecoat. I took him, smushed over a thin brownish wash and rebuilt the colors from there - very basic paintjob, finished in a short period of time. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

African Rebels & Women Militia

After a long time without an update here, I´ve got another set of pictures for soon to be released models.

As part of a commission, I´m currently working on another set of three Women Militia fighters. The first batch of two sets with 7 figures will be released when these are produced. The entire commission is planned to be around 20 figures strong, but the buildup will be very slow as the customer wants to pay them bit by bit and I need space in the production moulds for other figures,  The sets will be publicly available when released, which keeps the cost down for the commissioner and still makes it worthwhile for me.

 The third model is almost ready, I´m sure a photo will appear in very short time :)

Furterhmore, I have prepared a replacement for the very old  African Insurgents with Kalashnikovs.
The old set was among the very first that I produced - I´m hoping that more people use them as Opfor now that they have proper models with a nicer look.

Both sets are probably coming Late October or Early November!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Walking Pestilence

Hey all,

I´ve been silent again for quite a while, but by no means idle. I´m silently sculpting and painting more figures to show you soon, but not taking many photos - I guess I could work on that if you´re interested in seeing more WIP pictures?

Anyway, today I got a finished model after putting many hours of work into it: The Second Blight King has been completed!

I´ve been experimenting heavily with this guy, working back and forth on different areas until I achieved a look that I´m happy with. I started with an airbrushed base to establish the basic values and colors and worked up on that with many glazes and detail-brushwork to add depth to the figure.

The most challenging and also the most rewarding part was the experiment I did on the kneepad - the Non-metallic effect using a horizon line and reflections of the environment turned out quite nicely I believe.

Most room for improvement is still on the base. I put it together without considering the footprint of the mini, so most of the work on the swamp water is probably lost to the observer. A shame, as the base itself looked quite decent, but was covered up by the monstrous mini and just leaves the less impressive elements (rocks and tree) to be seen.

Apart from that, I probably could have added more shine to the helmet, shoulder blade and axe. My original intention was to make them  look dull, dusty and aged like they do, but the contrast to the kneepad makes it look a little odd.

I hope you enjoy this figure, painting it was a fun experience and I´m looking forward to starting the more heavily armored guy next:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ruling Elite

Small update for today - I finished painting the African Dictator Set that has been recently updated in my shop.  Also commenced work on some new figures, but they are too early in the WIP stage to show anyhting meaningful.

So, only one picture for today: