Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Enfilade Figures - 4th Anniversary - 30% off

Hard to believe, but four years ago I opened the webshop and started selling my figures to a wider audience.

Since the, the ranges and available sets have grown manifold, thanks to the continued support of everyone who bought miniatures, sent ideas or supported me in any other way.

This sale is my way to say thank you to all of you who like my figures - get them now for a much reduced price while our stock lasts.

And by the way - a lot of new figures are in the pipeline...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Possessed by Wrath

 A few weeks ago I painted this chap to fill my saturday afternoon.

I didn´t want to use the typical red Khorne color scheme, but for the longest time didn´t have an idea. 
In the end I decided to use the faces on the armor to make things more interesting and give the miniature a theme: A human possessed by demons bound to the suit of armor he wears.

As such, the demon faces on the armor needed to look like they come alive while still appearing as part of the suit.

All in all, an interesting and fun challenge to paint this figure!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Portugese Colonial Infantry - Now Painted


This Portugese Infantry unit was waiting on my workbench for a long time.
After more than 1,5 years I picked them up yesterday and painted them to a finish this morning.

If you want your own, they are available in my webshop - just hit one of the pictures, they are linked to the right spot.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Muscovite Reinforcements - Hidden Progress 2

Over at Crisis, I also grabbed some more Infantry - Field Dragoons.

Again, I mixed these with some converted Totentanz Miniatures and miniatures I sculpted myself. The result is nice, you can hardly tell which is which: 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Muscovite Reinforcements - The Hidden Progress 1

Back in November it seems like it stopped taking photos...

A lot of progress has been made on my Muskovites that I haven´t bothered posting - it is now high time to get back on track with these photos.

The first major step forward was the discovery of Fighting 15s  Medieval Tannenberg Range. As I spotted the Lithuanian Boyars, I knew I could use them as Russians with almost no conversion effort. Here they are, dressed up as my Skirmish Sotnia: 

In November, I went to Crisis and had my first eye to eye contact with the original Fire and Sword miniatures.  I always hated them from the pictures I had seen online, but on personal inspection, they didn´t look that bad after all.  Wargamer.pl  needs to amp up their product presentation on these, the pictures online are horrible compared to the real deal.  While they are not amazing - certainly not as good as Totentanz miniatures - they are good enough and certainly better than expected.

I mixed them up with the Fighting 15s Boyars and created a few more bases of regular Boyars.
I also ended up mounting most of the Wargamer miniatures on  AB horses, which are way better than the original pieces. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

By Cannon and Musket

Throughout the last few weeks I have been  painting and preparing  some more Units for my Fire and sword armies:

After a devastating game using a Swedish Regimental Gun  (proxied during the game by some half-painted and scratch-built Russian piece) in a village defense scenario - in which the regimental gun devastated three units all on its own -  I decided that Artillery pieces would certainly see more action in the future and painted up all three bases I had got for christmas.

These are the By Fire and Sword (Wargamer.pl) originals.

During the same game, the Swedes had to hire some Russian Mercenary musketeers as they were unable to field enough bases on their own.  So, another base was made and as I was short on musketeers and didn´t want to order a whole batch just for another base, I sculpted two of my own.

I also made some swedish casualties - I had a lot of Russian casualties, but none of Swedish variety

Next in lin are another base of swedish reiters, two bases of Dragoons and Cossacks, all primed and waiting for paint.

 Then yesterday, I realized by browsing through the internet that I had no Forage Supplies marker - and as it was a rainy and depressing day, I started to build my own. This is the Work in Progress pic from today: