Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ruling Elite

Small update for today - I finished painting the African Dictator Set that has been recently updated in my shop.  Also commenced work on some new figures, but they are too early in the WIP stage to show anyhting meaningful.

So, only one picture for today:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Website Relaunch, Product Updates and SALE!

Hi all,

after several months of invisible work, I have successfully launched a new and reworked site, which is now online.
A fresh site was required as several features were broken due to my lack of skill and knowledge while building the site back in 2014. With new experience and learning from past failures, I was now able to build a much more streamlined site that will fulfill my requirements for the next few years.

The most important new and repaired features that didn´t work as intented with the old site are:

  • A working search function - try the "search" field on the top right!
  • Better Paypal Integration -  Now using Paypal Express checkout
  • Better visual layout and design - making navigation on site easier I hope!
  • Working Email notifications -  Automatic emails on order updates. These will keep you informed about the progress of your order and allow me to concentrate more of my time making miniatures instead of writing mails
  • Working order history -  was broken on the old website, is now back to normal function
  • Coupons -  I´m now able to use coupon codes to discount orders. Not yet in use, but will get utilised sooner or later.
  • New Administrative functions -  not directly visible to you, but I´ve configures some admin views to my requirements, again allowing me to save time on administration that can be used to make more minis.
  • Multi-language-capabilities - the site is theoretically able to handle multiple languages. Right now it´s only english, but I could now think about doing translations for a german version

Unfortunately this update comes with a small drawback:
All customer accounts that were registered on the old site have to be re-registered.

I made a change in the way the adress is configured and I had the bad feeling that importing the old user accounts into the new databse would be a lot of trouble.

To give you an incentive to re-register (or register for the first time) and to celebrate the new Website, I´m offering a Sale on all Sets in Stock.  Throughout the next week (until August 20th), all products are 30% off.

Furthermore, a new batch of figures has arrived while I prepared the switch.
This time, all releases are re-modeled old sets.

The Following Sets have been replaced: 

INS-04:   Insurgent Cell with Leader now contains 3 completely new figures and a reworked Babai-Model with a bit more definition than the old one.

AFR-02:   Dictator with Bodyguard  now contains 3 completely remodeled figures to replace the aged set

AFR-INS-03:  African Irregulars with  FN FAL  now contains 2 completely remodeled figures and 2 massively overhauled figures including new weapons, arms and faces.

That´s the big news blob for today.
I hope you enjoy the new website - if you experience any trouble, drop me a message (PM or Mail)


Friday, July 22, 2016

Guardian of Old

Hidden in the mountain caves of the Diamond Mountains, the old Dragonkin dwells - decendants of ancient dragons, they are the Bulwark against the rising Chaos Brood emerging from their hellish pits.

This was a first test mini to establish the color scheme and technique to use for the rest of a small force of Fantasy Dragonkin Warriors. Right now, he remains the only one of his kind, but more troops are being raised as I post these pictures.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Demon Brood

Latest pictures with a new camera and some photo editing of some minis I painted not too long ago.
I wasn´t very satisfied with the pictures that my cellphone produced, so I shelved them without posting any results here.

Now, I think the outcome can be presented in a way that does the paintjob justice.

 First, a Putrid Blightking wading through swampy terrain to spread corruption among his hapless victims:

A  Bloodletter rising from the hellpits of Chaos, yearning for slaughter...

A Pink Horror stalking for prey...

Fortunately, the Forces of Chaos have not yet gathered their full strength to overwhelm the Guardians of our earthly realms...  stay tuned to see the protectors of the old order tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

British Patrol

After a long break, I´ve finally returned to finishing some British Troopers for my Cold War Setup.

These have been painted recently, using all the new tricks and shortcuts I´ve acquired in recent months - rather quick paintjobs in fact, painting 7 or 8 minis within a few hours.

So the result is not suuper tight, but good enough for the scale.

Hope you like it - more (and better) stuff is coming up soon before I´ll disappear in silence again while being away from home for a holiday break.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

French and Germans painted

I recently painted some French and German  Infantry (Enfilade Figures DEU-03 and FRA-01) on commission.  These pics are also on the website, but in case you´re not actively following every change there, I want to share them here as well... ;)

French Infantry Squad in Woodland Pattern (CE)

German Commandos with G36k in Arid Desert Camo (Tropentarn)

Sorry for the rather dark pictures :(

Monday, June 20, 2016

A refreshing Dose of Mutagen

Hi all,

another small update, a nice sideproject that came up almost by chance.
My best friend was over at my place again and he brought some of his old Rackham / Confrontation Miniatures over to play a small scenario.

Before playing we decided to pimp some of the old models and bring them to a better painting standard. A challenge was issued along the line:
"if you can make that mini look good again within the next 1-2 hours just go ahead"
and of course I could not resist this speed painting project.

So I grabbed the airbrush and started priming, basecoating, shading and adding highlights with the brush until I had this result within about 2 hours:

I would have added some more funky base clutter, but my friend insisted to keep the base plain, so I just painted on a pseudo desert-floor as a compromise.

Considering the very limited time for this project, I am super happy with the outcome!

All in all, a very fun project - I should do these time-limit projects more often, they force me to really break things down to the raw core.

Unfortunately, the Warrior was ultimately killed in the ensuing Skirmish, but not before he had taken down one of the opposing figures in a lopsided fight with the odds stacked against him, so Job well done!