Thursday, August 28, 2014

Modern Starter Kit for Sale! [SOLD!!]

Hey all,

as I´m restructuring my Modern Forces I´m selling off some of my minis that I´m not using much on the tabletop and that have started to collect dust in the last few months.

It happens to be two groups that are very compatible with each other and form a starter kit of sorts.

Bundeswehr Starter Kit

This lot contains 22 Modern Bundeswehr Soldiers:
8x Rifleman with G36
2x Panzerfaust 3
2x Grenadier with AG36
4x MG3
2x MG4
4x KSK Special Forces
1x TPz Fuchs
1x Dingo

All figures are white metal!

Fuchs and Dingo are half-finished and need some retouching, just like some of the miniatures where paint has chipped off or bases don´t suit you. The vehicles are missing some parts (weapons) and are sold as displayed.

Material cost if you do it yourself:
-30€ for the soldiers if you purchase them yourself
-20€ for the vehicles unless you strike a bargain
-And hours of painting!

Price Tag:  75€

Taliban / Insurgent Starter Kit

This set contains 30 Taliban:
-16x Elhiem Taliban, all Riflemen
-14x Caesar Insurgents (partly converted), including 2x RPG and  2x PKM Gunners

Do-it-yourself price:
-25€ for the figures
-More hours of painting.

Price Tag: 40€

And for those that don´t have any forces for Modern Warfare yet:

Special Offer: 

Buy both sets for just 100€! 

Unfortunately I can´t offer to include a ruleset, but I´ll gladly support you with information on those I know of to make your decision easier.

If multiple people are interested within the next few days, I´ll sell to the person buying both sets at once (the special offer). Otherwise it´s first come first serve.

Postage is on you (expect to pay about 5-7€ for international postage). This is a private sale, so no warranty on transport and no right to return!

If you´re interested, contact me through info [at]

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cold War British - More Infantry

Another set of Cold War British, finished the bases today while waiting for some other minis to dry.

These will be employed soonish for another playtesting session, I hope.
More on the way, stay tuned!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rocky Outcrops

The latest addition to my terrain:

Super-quick, super-easy, built in less than an hour if you substract drying time of glue and varnish.

More cover to hide behind!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SADF - Two more Riflemen!

Just a little intermezzo - two more R4 Riflement for the next Squad of SADF troopers!

Obviously still Work in Progress, but coming along quickly. Haven´t started the backside yet, which is why the right figure looks a little odd. Somehow these SADF folks are quite easy for me to make.

Now I just need to start working on the GPMG-Team.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More IDF Rifles

After a holiday break and a week to catch up with wargaming stuff to post here I´m now finally back with some new stuff to keep you entertained.

This is the second team of IDF riflemen being prepared right now, still mid-term WIP (backside is barebone and there´s still a lot of stuff on the front that needs touching up).

There are also some secret plans I´m hatching, depending on how fast I´m able to proceed I might give you a very small glimpse of what is going on behind the dark veils of my hobby studio...

Furthermore, I spent some time painting after I got back from vacation and will soon share with you my refurbished Taliban and some new Cold War British.

See ya´ll soonish!