Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sepulchral Stalker WIP

Oh my god, what has happened with the day? It´s almost passed already and I didn´t do anything but painting today - well, almost nothing else, truth be told I did do something else for the last three hours or so...

Anyway, I´ve continued painting more Fantasy stuff and as long as my new modern orders don´t arrive I will continue painting some Warhammer figures from my stash. I´m doing these for the joy of painting - not planning to build a playable army or somesuch, but I like some of the models and being a bigger scale than my usual work, they are perfect for experimenting with new techniques and painting styles.

So today I had a very enjoyable session practising with my airbrush while painting my Sepulchral Stalkers, some very nice models that I´ve been longing to paint since I saw a video on youtube showing them.

Here´s my current Work in Progress - not yet especially impressive.

My intention was to break with the usual red-gold combination of these models, instead giving them an evil green glow topped up by a shining silver armour.

I haven´t quite achieved what I set out to do, the green is not bright and glowy enough but I managed to get some acceptable airbrush shading done in the green areas.
Maybe I should give the other two stalkers another spraycoat of very thin bright-green to have the gren pop out more.

Of course I still have to work out the details on the top and arms and maybe retouch some of the metal areas to give them just a little more shading to create more plasticity.

Also on my list is another highlight with bonewhite on the bone areas (surprise...) and another layer out brown on the wooden parts.

I´m quite surprised that it looks so good when finally assembled and photographed - I obtained this set on ebay as "original packaging", which turned out to be false as the models where halfway assembled as Tomb Knights, not as stalkers. So it took some effort to destroy and rebuild them (and I use "destroy" for a reason here - it was distruction, not disassembling) and some parts have taken quite a bit of damage in the process.

So I´m glad it looks okay so far.
Any suggestions on how to further improve the paintjob are welcome!

More Fantasy is coming online as I finish these, sorry again to the modern crowd, but I´m sure you´ll cope ;-) 

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