Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Operation Firefly - Campaign Update 3

After playing the Battle for the Mosque in El Qualeed, we where back to the Campaign map again, as the number of engagements was limited to 2 areas. El Qualeed (where the battle was resolved) and the region to the east of Mayasaf. Here, the Taliban player (me) chose to melt away, denying combat to the US troops in exchange for some COIN, in order to prepare for a larger strike in the next turn.

Thus, the next turn came swiftly after one scenario, and here we go again, with turn 5.
(You might wonder why it is turn five, but only update 3. In fact, the first turn was the US-troops insertion into Mayasaf. From this on, the first real turn was turn 2, which is the first picture of the first campaign update. As nothing happened in this turn, the second picture of the same report shows turn 3, after which multiple scenarios where resolved. Turn 4 is shown in Campaign Update 2, which means we are now at turn 5)

To remind you of the situation, here is what the situation looked like after turn 4:
US War Exhaustion has is ranging around the 30%-mark, while the Taliban have benefited from the catastrophic failure of the US troops in El Qualeed by gaining massive reinforcements.

End of Turn 4
After the fight, five cells in El Qualeed where destroyed because of the tremendous losses incurred by the Coalition forces.

In Turn 5, the Taliban makes good use of the reinforcements by boosting the defense of the other parts of the city and preparing a broad offensive. On multiple fronts, new Cells are brought in to threaten the enemy supply-lines and bases that have already been established.

Turn 5 - Taliban incursions

The Coalition troops react by stiffening their defenses in the east. New militia units are recruited and trained to fulfil police duties and guard the rear perimeter. Furthermore, an Airborne-Operation is conducted to secure the dam with its electricity plant.
Intelligence assets from earlier exploits (the investigation mission & the captured militia leader from the last report) indicate that the facility is garrisoned by two cells of medium strength, which means that the Operation is likely to meet enemy resistance.

US Movement in Turn 5

So, we have some scenarios to play for this turn...

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