Friday, August 23, 2013

More Afghan Freedom Fighters!

Hey there,

painting offensive has come along very well, I´ve painted almost a platoon size force of different allegiances and nationalities in the last two/three days. Unfortunately, I haven´t had any enthusiasm left for sculpting, seems like this is a either/or-thing, impossible to do both the same day.

I´ve now managed to take some photos after it was already too dark yesterday to do it properly. I´ll split up the post though, with one entry for the Taliban (this) and following very soon my next batch of NAM-soldiers.

So, these are my Wartime Taliban:

This is the first cell, painted together with the first two NAM-soldiers I presented a few days ago. These are the better results, as I washed them pretty heavily and somehow the lighter colors didn´t like that much dark color flowing into the cracks. As I thought this left the deeper parts very dark, I thought I could drybrush the lighter parts to highlight, but that ruined the result even more and forced me to redo the lighter parts. Somehow I got it to look decent, as you can see below on the second cell.

And finally, a group shot:

Coming very soon (minis & photos are ready, all I have to do is post it here):  More NAM-soldiers, desert and bushland camo!

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  1. Looking good. I am currently painting the remainder of my Taliban. I always love seeing what colors other people use for Islamic-militants in Afghanistan.

    1. Hey Nicky,
      I´ve switched to painting Taliban in darker, natural colors with my more recent additions. My very first Taliban where very bright and somehow that looked somewhat wrong. I think painting them in colors such as Russian Uniform Green, US Field Drab, Medium Grey or the assorted Desert Tones (Dark Sand or Beige) makes them look much more natural, especially when combining the underdress in such colors with the occasional vest or jacket painted in woodland camo.