Friday, December 19, 2014

Fantasy Sculpts painted up

Some more Fantasy figure sculpted by your truly. They had been sitting on my desk for far too long and I wanted to get them off, so I skipped the last few steps of "finishing" the last few details on the models. This is why they look a bit rought at places - which wouldn´t happen if they´d go into production, but these are private models done for my entertainment-

On the left, a Skeleton mage, the spear and forearm stolen from a GW kit, the rest sculpted from scratch.  I´m thinking about making the flames blue instead of green to increase the contrast with the bones and grey cape.

On the right, my High Elf sword master interpretation - a slight redesign of the armor to improve freedom of movement by shortening both the armor kilt and the helmet and removing some decoration. Again, sculpted from scratch.

Hope you enjoy!

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