Sunday, December 13, 2015

Terror of the Night

Hey again,

today I´m finally back with some photos after neglecting the blog for quite a while. Though I did get stuff done, I somehow didn´t felt like taking photos, retouching the photos and putting them up here, somehow didn´t seem worth the hassle for a few Soviets and single 20mm figures.

For sculpting, the same holds true, after finishing the masters I usually pack them up safely, so I´d have to unpack them all to take some photos and repack them again, so I skipped this step with the last few minis.

However, during the last week I experimented with some 28mm large creatures again that have been sitting on my workbench for quite a while now. Funny enough that the figure I started last got finished first.

So here we are now, with the first Terror of the Night (GW Vampir Counts Vargheist) finished:

Having a full pack of three available and no intention to use them for gaming that would require a uniform color scheme, I chose to experiment with different themes.
This one is my "pale skin" version. Originally intended to be almost albino white and with a red-orange fiery hair, I decided to go with a very cold, stoney-look along the way after the skin turned out a bit too rock-grey.

With a more gargoyle-like appearance, I didn´t think red would fit quite so well and decided to give the Vargheist a bluish mane, adding to the cold and dead appearance. 

On the base, I decided to put in some rubble to underline the gargoyle-theme, dead, shattered ground with very dark colors, probably a destroyed cathedral, monastery or somesuch?

Anyway, that guy was very fun to paint and I´m currently working on the other two, who will be quite different in appearance as I am testing some dark skin tones...


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