Thursday, May 12, 2016

Old and New - Replacing Old Minis

Hey folks,

small update in between to show off some new sculpts.
These two are built to replace two very old and dissatisfactory models in one of my Insurgent sets:

I tried to keep the poses very similar to the originals, but I changed the arm on the RPG-gunner, hoping to improve castability without having his arm cut off.

Going into the remoulded set of INS-04, which has to be moved to a new mold anyway.
These include the original figures.
If you can find the models that are being replaced, you win nothing but will feel great ;P


  1. Hello.
    I am currently developing a Cold War era grand strategy game in my spare time ( and was wondering if you might be able to provide any input on the economic system. I found your Victoria 2 economic suggestions on the Paradox Interactive forum a very interesting read and was interested in incorporating something similar:

    1. Hi Kalelovil!
      I remember your username from the paradox forum and that old post, though it feels like ages that I wrote it!

      It´s intriguing that you´re trying to contact me here though, as I´m still active over there. You could just have dropped a pm ;)

      Please send me an email to info at to discuss how I can help you. Obviously, I need some more input on your overall design goals and philosophy of your game.

      But let´s not discuss that here ;)

      Looking forward to hearing from you!