Monday, June 20, 2016

A refreshing Dose of Mutagen

Hi all,

another small update, a nice sideproject that came up almost by chance.
My best friend was over at my place again and he brought some of his old Rackham / Confrontation Miniatures over to play a small scenario.

Before playing we decided to pimp some of the old models and bring them to a better painting standard. A challenge was issued along the line:
"if you can make that mini look good again within the next 1-2 hours just go ahead"
and of course I could not resist this speed painting project.

So I grabbed the airbrush and started priming, basecoating, shading and adding highlights with the brush until I had this result within about 2 hours:

I would have added some more funky base clutter, but my friend insisted to keep the base plain, so I just painted on a pseudo desert-floor as a compromise.

Considering the very limited time for this project, I am super happy with the outcome!

All in all, a very fun project - I should do these time-limit projects more often, they force me to really break things down to the raw core.

Unfortunately, the Warrior was ultimately killed in the ensuing Skirmish, but not before he had taken down one of the opposing figures in a lopsided fight with the odds stacked against him, so Job well done!

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