Sunday, August 14, 2016

Website Relaunch, Product Updates and SALE!

Hi all,

after several months of invisible work, I have successfully launched a new and reworked site, which is now online.
A fresh site was required as several features were broken due to my lack of skill and knowledge while building the site back in 2014. With new experience and learning from past failures, I was now able to build a much more streamlined site that will fulfill my requirements for the next few years.

The most important new and repaired features that didn´t work as intented with the old site are:

  • A working search function - try the "search" field on the top right!
  • Better Paypal Integration -  Now using Paypal Express checkout
  • Better visual layout and design - making navigation on site easier I hope!
  • Working Email notifications -  Automatic emails on order updates. These will keep you informed about the progress of your order and allow me to concentrate more of my time making miniatures instead of writing mails
  • Working order history -  was broken on the old website, is now back to normal function
  • Coupons -  I´m now able to use coupon codes to discount orders. Not yet in use, but will get utilised sooner or later.
  • New Administrative functions -  not directly visible to you, but I´ve configures some admin views to my requirements, again allowing me to save time on administration that can be used to make more minis.
  • Multi-language-capabilities - the site is theoretically able to handle multiple languages. Right now it´s only english, but I could now think about doing translations for a german version

Unfortunately this update comes with a small drawback:
All customer accounts that were registered on the old site have to be re-registered.

I made a change in the way the adress is configured and I had the bad feeling that importing the old user accounts into the new databse would be a lot of trouble.

To give you an incentive to re-register (or register for the first time) and to celebrate the new Website, I´m offering a Sale on all Sets in Stock.  Throughout the next week (until August 20th), all products are 30% off.

Furthermore, a new batch of figures has arrived while I prepared the switch.
This time, all releases are re-modeled old sets.

The Following Sets have been replaced: 

INS-04:   Insurgent Cell with Leader now contains 3 completely new figures and a reworked Babai-Model with a bit more definition than the old one.

AFR-02:   Dictator with Bodyguard  now contains 3 completely remodeled figures to replace the aged set

AFR-INS-03:  African Irregulars with  FN FAL  now contains 2 completely remodeled figures and 2 massively overhauled figures including new weapons, arms and faces.

That´s the big news blob for today.
I hope you enjoy the new website - if you experience any trouble, drop me a message (PM or Mail)


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