Monday, November 28, 2016

New French and Portugese Support Weapons

Okay, time for a small break on the painted miniature streak  - we´ll continue with that tomorrow.
I wanted to show you some progress on the sculpting part as well. 

It´s already been a long time since the release of my Portugese Colonial War infantry, and though it´s long been requested and I always wanted to add another Set of support weapon, I never got to it because of higher priority work (commissions, replacing old sets, fleshing out other important ranges).

Now I´ve finally started to create another set of Portugese for Colonial conflicts, carrying a few heavy weapons including a light Mortart a light Machine Gun and this guy:

The other figures are still top secret, but I´m sure there´ll be more pictures at some point ;)
I´m also planning to add more Support to the French, including this Marksman as well as an AT4 Antitank-Soldier among others.

That´s it with our short sneak peek on the new minis, tomorrow I´ll have more pictures of painted minis for you!

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