Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Recruitment Rapport - Mustering the Tzarist Forces

The buildup of my Muscovite Skirmish Force is progressing.
Since my last entry, more Miniatures have been sculpted, painted and purchased.

Dismounted Servant Cossacks -  left and middle base with my own designs, right base with Totentanz Foot Cossacks - lovely figures :)

 First member of my Reiter unit who are supposedly better-performing than any of the other cavalry options in my intended build....

...such as the Boyar Sons, one of which can be seen below.  These are the Muscovite Levy of the Nobility and are said to perform poorly.

My intended build for the first skirmish games: 

Basic Skirmish Force with 2 Boyar Son Sotnias replaced by 2 Servant Cossacks of equal strength (4 FSP) 
  • Servant Cossacks (3 Bases)
  • Servant Cossacks (3 Bases)
  • Boyar Son Sotnia (2 Bases)
  • Boyar Son Sotnia (2 Bases)
  • Boyar Son Sotnia (2 Bases)
  • Additional Skirmish Sotnia (3 Bases) - for the Miestnichestvo  Special Rule 
  •  Reiter Sotnia  (2 Bases)  (+1 FSP):  + 2 bases by the "Ludiej Unas Mnoga" Special Rule
  • +4 Boyar Son Bases (+1 FSP)   - to bring the base force up to strength 
  • Skirmish Sotnia (+1 FSP)

This will be the guiding template to build my force. Most of the Base Force is complete, the most annoying part is the Additional Skirmish Sotnia as I don´t know if I´ll actually use it in my first engagement.

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