Monday, September 3, 2012

Renaissance Army Update

I´ve been able to make some very limited progress on the 10mm Renaissance boys, after I´ve mostly been painting Civilians for the last FoF-Scenario. Next up the list are the Renaissance Infantry and a group of US Special Forces. Apart from that, I´m working on more Crop fields to improve my Terrain now that the action of the Campaign will increasingly move to the Greenzones... And I still haven´t gotten around creating more buildings to have proper Terrain for the City of El Qualeed. Worst of all, time will be more limited in the next weeks, as I´m moving into the more critical and time-consuming phases of writing my BA-Thesis.

However, back to the renaissance troops. Painting them has proven to be more tedious as expected, especially for the mounted Arquebusiers who are not mostly iron-clad like the Curassiers & Pikemen. Fortunately, they are now in their final processing stage and only require some final details and flocking.

Meanwhile, I´ve started working on the first infantry group. The pikemen are painted much more quickly than the Cavalry. I´m basically writing this post to show you the mass-effect of even a small infantry group. I´m really satisfied with the look of those formations compared to the 15mm-pics that I´ve seen.
The only thing that still bothers me is the length (or rather the shortness) of the pikes. I´ll probably have to refit them with some wire-pikes that are longer, to create a proper effect.

As you can see, the bulk of the Infantry group is not yet painted, but this is about to change ;)

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