Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A slight diversion - Battle for Qalah-eh-Bagh

After a few weeks of silence and not much progress, I´ve decided that I´ll sidetrack into another adventure. Unfortunately, my friend is still very occupied and we haven´t been able to resume the Operation Firefly Campaign yet, even though we finally talked about how to proceed last week.

Apart from next saturdays gaming day, where I´ll host a the FoF-classic "Contracting Trouble" to introduce the folks into assymmetric engagements, my gaming prospects look a little bleak. I´m already experiencing how my productivity in painting and modelling stuff is declining rather sharply, so it is time to fuel my motivation with more gaming. And how do you do this when there´s no valid opponent around? Solo-gaming, of course - and as solo-gaming is not that much fun if you do it completely on your own, I´ll abuse you as my audience to provide some more fun for me, as I´ll share my exploits here. It is inherently more motivating for me to play solo-games in order to create a good story for readers than to do so just for myself. Somehow, I´m prone to take one side and... modify (cheat) some unwanted outcomes into the direction I find more suitable if I´ve got no onlookers - however, this problem disappears if I´m just trying to tell a good story. I don´t know - somehow that´s strange, I can tolerate almost everything if its for the sake of a good story and not just for winning/loosing (even if only playing against myself).

I had several ideas how to do this. One plan was to do a small narrative campaign in a fictional african country, where political upheavel and some decisions of a local dictator lead to a confrontation with the west and a US Intervention. However, I don´t have enough African terrain to pull this off, and though I still have the christmas-calendar-Africans in store, I don´t want to start this with the prospects of giving them away after being only halfway through such a campaign. Furthermore, I haven´t got enough US Marines painted, who are the more logical choice for quick foreign interventions over my Army guys. So, no Africa for now, but back to plain old Afghanistan.

I just tinkered around today, setting up a new battlefield, when I realized that I could just use this setup as the beginning of a small, confined campaign using the FoF-Campaign rules. Just to have some fun, to fill the blog a little and to revive my motivation. The mini-campaign will probably last some 3-5 battles (maybe more if this becomes a blockbuster-type success and everyone screams for a continuation) and takes place in an Afghan small town named Qalah-eh-Bagh (I just made that one up by recombining parts of other names ;) ).
It will feature the exploits of a US Army platoon, tasked with several missions in and around that city, which is infested by Taliban resistance.

The first mission will be about clearing a part of the city from Taliban resistance and setting up a local strongpoint in a compound, from where further operations will take place on the days following the first mission.  Basically, these scenarios will all be randomly generated (and somewhat adjusted if the mission setup doesn´t make ANY sense, which shouldn´t be the case too often) - the first scenario is already set up, I just have to add the Taliban starting forces and finish the US unit roster before playing the first game. All Taliban in this Campaign will be Local and Irregular and use the Insurgency-rules from the FoF-Campaign part, just to make things easier for me.

So, you can expect some more action here in the following weeks, as I´ll go through the missions.
And of course, I´ll post a battle report about Contracting Troubles (if I don´t forget my SD-chip for my camera again, like I did last time...)
Stay tuned!

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