Friday, February 1, 2013

DM/Sniper Update and finished Marines

Some new footage on the Marine Sniper type. Added his bodyarmour/webbing and the pouches today. Rifle is still not fixed (the magazine has to become slimmer - this might be causing some trouble due to the shape of the wire armature built into the weapon...)

As you can see, he still needs proper work on the lower body parts.

Right now, it seems to me like I´ll have to lengthen his legs somewhat to retain the right proportions. But first things first. As you can see below, the body armour is not perfect, but there is only so much working time and it´s the best result I achieved after numerous attempts.

Apart from that, nothing new.  A, wait, there is!  I finished the Marines.

I´ll have to do something about those walls... while their shape is nice, the color is awful for the material... Might be right for a brick-building or something like that, but not a stone & mud wall.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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