Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small sculpting update

Not much to report over the last few days. I´ve reverted to sculpting again and had a try on some alternative & composite materials (Greenstuff and a mixture of greenstuff + apoxie sculpt) while working on the Designated Marksmen / Marine Sniper.

Here are two small work in progress-shots in the early stages:

The dark green is pure greenstuff, the light green part is the composite material ;)

The Weapon is supposed to resemble a FAL-type weapon with scope, but I´ve sculpted it without any closer look on pictures. This is why the stock is looking a little modern ;)   And the magazine is still excessively big, might have to chop parts of it off again.
 Note that the barrel will be formed by part of the wire, ending roughly where I´ve bended it downwards, so it does not end where theres no more putty.

All in all, I like the properties of the Greenstuff-Apoxie mix. It doesn´t crumble as easily as pure Apoxie Sculpt does in its early working stage (Apoxie needs more time to set before developing the right consistency to work with it for finer details), all the while being more flexible then pure greenstuff (which I found extremely tough to knead). Thanks again to Warren for his hint on this interesting mix!

By the way - I still haven´t heard much from my friend, he somehow has gone silent again. We´ve only had sparse contact during the last few weeks, seems like he doesn´t have much time to spare for the campaign right now. Lets hope this situation improves in the near future...

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