Friday, January 11, 2013

Sculpting Part 3 - ANGLICO progress

Another, smaller session of sculpting today. This time, I focused a little on the Marine ANGLICO and tried to build a better AK for my Insurgent leader (the pointing guy) with the new method I applied to the M16 from last post. Both weapons (my M16 and the newly crafted AK) might still be a bit too long.

In ~1/72 scale, the M16 should be 1,38cm long (a little more than 1/2"), while the AK should be approx. 1,2-3 cm long (depends on the variant). Both model-weapons are around 1,7cm long. Unfortunately, they look quite good as they are and I don´t know if I can shorten them without the risk of destroying them. If everything fails, I´ll have to make a new one with correct length.  ;)

Anyway, enough talking. The Anglico:

Added some pouches, the backpack and the bit of protection kit between is legs. I´m still not 100% satisfied with the look of the groin protection. I´ll probably adjust it somewhat later, but I want to do the rest of the mini first, maybe it doesn´t look that bad when the rest of the fleshing-out is done.

The next step is to complete the legs & arms before moving on to the helmet and the binoculars.

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