Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sculpting - Part IV: The ANGLICO again!

I´ve continued sculting a bit over the weekend, mostly on the Anglico and the Weaponry. The Insurgent Leader is almost completed, only his second hand holding the AK is still missing.

Meanwhile, I´ve continued working on the lone marine calling in fire support missions. He got his knee protectors today, as well as the Binoculars / Laser Designator:

Remember the sketch? We´re moving towards that goal:

He needs some finetuning and his helmet, but is moving ever closer towards completion.
Maybe I shouldn´t have added the knee protectors, but I felt like doing it... 

As you can see, I´ve also obtained some railroad trees to enhance my terrain further. Wasn´t intended, but I couldn´t resist while walking through the store and I´m happy with the purchase. Mounted them on cardboard to have a better base. Those will get sanded & grassed later.

And another smallish project I started today with some surplus clay:

Casualty dollies!

Stay tuned for the next results, the Leader and the Anglico will soon be completed.

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