Thursday, January 3, 2013

JTAC, Officers and Magic!

I´ve had another painting session today and finished the next few minis on my list. This HQ platoon has been waiting to get done since Summer last year (2012). I´ve been focusing on the more immediate needs (regular US soldiers, Taliban, Civilians...) and so they sat on the bench for a while.
If you haven´t done already, also check out my Taliban from yesterdays session.

Now I´ve finally come around to paint them. They still use the same Camo-pattern I´ve used for the rest of my US troops (my first version of simplified Multicam). I´m going to experiment with a new version with a light-green appearance soon. However, I´m still amazed of how well this camo pattern blends into different backgrounds. I´ve posted a rough tutorial here a while back, if you are interested in replicating this pattern.

Here is the result in some crop fields:

And another picture with a demonstration of how my transportation problem (up to now, it´s been a pain to transport the minis safely to games, with a lot of packaging involved...) is now solved - almost magically ;)

Magnetism FTW!

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