Sunday, January 6, 2013

More ISAF Germans

As I´ve promised, the Germans were next in line and are now painted.
I´ve tried a slight variation in color for the green & brown, as I thought the color of the first version was too intense (probably not visible on the pictures)

Meanwhile, I was surprised with the speed of delivery of my Urban Terrorists. They came from England and arrived on the third day after being posted - which is really quick compared to the week it usually took to my old living place. Seems like living closer to Germanys biggest airport makes a significant difference in delivery time from the UK. So, the Resisters arrived earlier then planned and I´ve started to do some conversions and additions. As most of them aren´t complete yet, I´ll hold back some of the footage until I´m able to present the final result together with the WIP-pics. Furthermore, I´ve started to experiment with some sculpting, now that I´ve got some putty available. Still only the basic dollies, but if they turn out good enough, I´ll probably share the result with you as well. If not, I´ll cover that failure up with something else :D

Now, some Germans for you, while I´m off to play some solo-scenario. I´m going to try the Bala Baluk-Ambush from the Enduring Freedom-Supplement. Maybe I´ll post a small report in the next few days.

German Soldiers engaging Taliban in the distance

Somehow the pics haven´t turned out ideally. Probably due to bad light conditions.

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  1. Excellent work! The test figure was great, but this batch does seem to have better coloring.
    That's good news about the terrorists, I hope to see them soon!