Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sculpting Experiments

Hey guys,

I´m taking a short break from crafting after having spent the last two evenings almost exlusively on working on my minis. The original plan was to convert the Caesar Urban resisters with the help of some sculpting clay. However, the presence of the putty tempted me to try some sculpting of my own in addition to converting and diversifying the terrorists (which took most of mondays free time).

I started with a simple wire armature in a pose that I had sketched earlier:

Thats the rough sketch (I changed the stance though)

As the putty took a long time to dry, I started a second figure (without much of a sketch this time):
An Insurgent firing his weapon while standing.
I didn´t take any fotos of the intermediate steps, this is the result at the end of day 2 (tuesday evening)

As I had not much to do at work yesterday, I also made another sketch of a Marine ANGLICO and decided to add him to the sculpting list, to use the time while the other minis putty hardens.
This is the sketch:

Bad Angle and light for the pic, but you get the idea

This guy has caused some headaches, as I cut the armature too early before the putty was set and hard, which caused the legs to twist...
But in the end, I managed to get the stance right. Doesn´t look like a marine yet, though ;)
His right leg is a bit too long and needs to be shortened, but this should be doable without much damage to the rest of the mini.

The final status on the sculpts after todays work session:

Not bad for a first time sculpt, I think. The interesting part will be the final details. I´ll keep you updated ;)


  1. Off to a good start! I can't wait to see how these turn out!

  2. Excellent progress. I like all the poses you have chosen, but the firing insurgent is especially natural, I think he will be my favorite :D
    I can't imagine attempting something like this, but someday I will probably choose to. I can't wait to see the finished details added, good luck!