Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Taliban Surge - First Wave

I´ve spent the last few days on getting some minis painted, after they´ve been lying around for a while. I´m planning to extend my collection soon and will need some space on the desk ;)

Here are the new & finalized minis and the story of a small compound in the greenzone...

8:12 am - The Civilians hurry to safer places...
8:52 am - Taliban are moving out to attack the Coalition troops
Closeup for better view on the camo - unfortunately blurred :(
10:23 am - Taliban Leader bolsters Taliban morale as they are pushed into the defense by a coalition counterattack
11:37 - Compound finally cleared by German troops

Some of you may recognize that German soldier - its the same that was features in the christmas calendar some time ago. But he was still waiting for his base and left the Workbench just now. His buddys are still waiting, together with more Enemy troops, the last few half-finished Army grunts, some ANP, my Civilian Interaction Team and several civilians.
I´ll finish of the Army guys next, I think. Then I´ll try another take of a more greenish Multicam on some of the CIVINT-Team, mixing in some Talibs & Civies here and there while the new supplies arrive...

On the campaign-front, I´m tinkering with some ideas on how to improve scenario generation... but nothing solid yet. My friend has been off the grid again, hopefully he will resurface soon so we can continue playing. 


  1. They look great! The German is my favorite though. What method did you use for the camo pattern?

    1. Thank you! There is no real method or technique. The pattern consists of many small dots, most of them very close together, with some outliers. And thats just how you do it - apply many, many small dots of green & brown, most of them very close together but with some outliers, over your basic sand color.