Wednesday, January 23, 2013

US Marine Corps - WIP

Hey guys,

Its time again for a brief update. After the weekend passed by rather quickly due to our gaming day on saturday and a birthday party, I´m back to painting again. Originally, I´d planned to post a report here about our game on saturday, but unfortunately I´ve not been able to take any pictures. Though I packed the camera (and even checked if the batteries where charged), I forgot my SD-card - and my cameras internal drive is not even remotely large enough to store enough pics to give you a detailed report.

That´s a little unfortunate, especially because I´ve set up a historical scenario based on  real events in Daulatabad, Farah Province from June 2008 [Vignette 6, starting at page 38]  (This document is excellent by the way - indispensible for anyone interested in the Afghanistan conflict!). And it played out pretty well. The Americans fared significantly better than in reality (originally, they where lured into the fields and ambushed from both sides with minimum cover, suffering numerous casualties), managing to retreat from the ambush with only one serious casualty. However, the Taliban did not utilize their full potential, ambushing only with half their potential strength - otherwise, things might have turned out even worse for the Americans.

On monday, I tried to paint some of my Insurgents, but I´m not really happy with the results and stopped after the basic layer of color. Some of the colors are badly combined and don´t look good. Though I´ve taken numerous looks at Iraqi insurgent pics, I´m not able to replicate their fashion style on the minis just yet. Once I get back to them, I´ll take my laptop, place it next to the painting station and open google image search on iraqi insurgents, replicating specific insurgents instead of trying to wildly combine the appropriate colors... Maybe that works better.
Frustrated with that futile effort, I´ve turned onto the Marines:

Marine Fireteam - Work in Progress
They´re not yet 100% finished, but the uniform is complete. Maybe I´ll add some more coyote brown splotches to imitate the camo pattern, but I think they already look okay (the photo didn´t turn out very well, under real conditions the uniform doesn´t look that evenly colored). They  just need some more detailwork on things like faces, gear and weapons and they´re done. I´ll post more pics when they´re finished!

Another sidenote on a small change I´ve made:
I´ve turned off moderation on comments for all recent posts. You can now freely comment on the articles without waiting for me to authorize the comment (for entries not older then 2 weeks). Maybe that increases your willingness to leave some comments :D

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