Friday, January 18, 2013

Finished Sculpts

Hey hey,

After a brief period of silence, I´m back. I´ve been finalizing the sculpts this week, took a few days break from painting & sculpting due to exhaustion (I was barely able to do anything else then playing some ARMA) and due to other plans yesterday, but finally got around to paint them today.

I proudly present:
"Ugly one alpha, this is Tango 3-1, come in"

"You! Grab your RPG and head east to flank the Americans!"

The whole bunch at once
"If I shoot him, I´ll become the leader of this group... hehehe"


My next potential sculpting projects are:
-Finishing the Casualties
-Marine Sniper Team / Designated Marksmen

Apart from that, I´ve plenty of new minis to paint. Remaining Taliban & Civies, US Marines, Urban Insurgents... I don´t even know where to start :D
Buildings have to be built as well. I guess I´ll be occupied for a while.

Tomorrow is gaming day btw. If I find at least one unsuspecting victim, I´ll share a report with you soon. I´ve prepared a small historical scenario (something that happened roughly that way) - we´ll see how well it works!



  1. Hey those turned out pretty good! Well done!

  2. They look great! I especially like the pointing, "boss-man." Good job all around.