Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sculpting Experiments - First Results

The first detail stage was quicker then expected. Now it payed off to start with some Insurgents, where the most details are folds in the clothes, the headwear and the hands. I´ll add the last few details tomorrow, but you can get a good impression on how the figures are going to look like even now:

This one only needs some more very fine details on his weapon. Apart from that, I think he´s fine as he is.
Our leader still lacks hands, feet and his weapon, but has received some pouches on a belt rig:

As you can see, the surfaces aren´t 100% smooth yet. I have to work on that for future sculpts, I guess.
Haven´t worked much on the Marine today, but fixed his leg:

And another relic from yesterdays session:  My first selfmade M16!

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