Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nobody likes riddles

As the participation of my last attempt of a riddle was underwhelming, I´ll end that small chapter by revealing the finished mini.


was the first step of  creating this rifle:

Of course, it could have been any other rifle, but noone even tried to guess or put questions in, so I didn´t feel very inclined to answer or give more hints ;)

Anyway, that´s a QBZ-95 (or Type 95), the modern chinese assault rifle. Which brings us to the concept scetch of the mini:

The first work in progress looked like this:

And finally evolved into:

(The muzzle broke off twice - that´s why it doesn´t look the same in those two pics. Quite fiddly work to fix that thing)

For reference, the original:
Right guy
He has turned out a little "stronger" than the original, but apart from that I´m very pleased with the result. Probably will sculpt some more PLA-soldiers just for fun and artistic challenge. The Marine sniper is also 99% finished, got to add two more pouches to him and he is ready to go. However, he is a little too large because I got his legs wrong due to his kneeling pose (had to cut them down considerably, looks okayish now, but he is still a very tall guy). I´ll keep you updated, and no more riddles, seems like you didn´t like it ;-)

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