Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Hey guys,

just wanted to leave you a small sign of life here and keep you updated on whats going on behind the scenes and the veil of silence. We´ve recently (finally) finished another mission for the Operation Firefly Campaign and I´m preparing a little post to summarize the action, in a slightly different way than the last few reports. We´re already preparing the next mission, but unfortunately I don´t have all the required files transfered to my new computer yet, but this will happen soon and we´ll probably be able to pick up a decent pace on the campaign again.

Apart from that, I´m sculpting a German MG3-Gunner every now and then, adding bit by bit. It´s already in a decent state, but again, the new PC doesn´t (yet) have a SD-cardreader and I don´t have my USB-cable with me for some reason, so, no pictures until I either start up the old one, put the pics there and upload from there, or get the USB-cable (or a cardreader) for connecting the camera to the machine. As I´m home at my family for the easter holidays, I´ll have the opportunity to grab my cable (and my external drive) and transfer some data when I get home.

Thirdly, I´m improving my terrain by overhauling my irrigation ditches (and adding new modules). I recolored them to make them look more dirty, greenish instead of the deep blue, and I´ll add some water effects very soon (bought the ingredients today, I´m curious how this experiment will turn out). If all is going well, I might be adding river  tiles to my list of things to do. I´m also finally adding some sand to the bases of my trees and walls, to better blend them into the background. To get some more elevated terrain, I´m still thinking about buying some pre-painted rock formations, as I discovered a decent offer recently - so rocky outcrops might soon appear on the battlefield.

I´m also thinking that I´ll get back to painting some more minis soon, I still have a bunch of civilians, Marines and Urban Insurgents lying around waiting, that I´d originally planned to work on in January. But you know how things are, you get distracted with other things - in my case, sculpting my own minis - and suddenly you wonder how much time has passed...

Soo, I´m hoping that things will roughly go as outlined above, and not the other way :D

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