Friday, April 5, 2013

Bundeswehr MG3-Schütze & Campaign Status Update

Hello again,

I´m back from easter holidays and finally got a free day at home with access to all my material. This means I´ll be able to finally stand up to my promises and deliver some results. I´m probably also going to do some more painting & crafting today and I´ll have to deliver my special write-up of our last Operation Firefly-Mission.  Good news is that the new mission is coming along quite nicely, we´re already on the verge of starting turn 4 and the easter holidays did not result in a major disruption of our progress - things are still coming along.

I still have to get an SD-card reader to use my own camera, but I abused my girlfriends device to shoot some pictures of my latest sculpting project. I´m still not sure if I should leave him as he is or add some tiny details somehwere? Here´s an impression of the current shape:

Does he need more details? If you think so, what should be added?
I´ll probably add the ammo-belt, I´m also thinking if I should improve his arms somehow.
If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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