Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The forgotten Designated Marksman

Do you remember the Designated Marksman I was sculpting in February?
Actually, I finished him quite some time ago, but forgot to put him online, because I wasn´t that satisfied with the result. He has become much taller than he should be, he is as high as a standing mini though he is supposed to be kneeling. This is probably also why is helmet looks too small.
Don´t consider him 100% finished, there are some tidbits I´d have to fix to claim this, but I don´t see much point on improving this when the basis is not satisfactory and cannot be fixed anyway.

Still, I wanted to share him with you, just for completeness´  sake.

I´m also putting together a list of sculpting-projects I want to do sooner or later. If you´re interested, I´ll publish it here.

On a sidenote:
Mission 9 of Operation Firefly is in the works, but we´ve just started turn 2, so it will take some more time to finish.

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