Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KSK - Part 1

After finishing the last sculpt, I didn´t stay idle for long and finished my next little project. As I got sick over the weekend and didn´t have much energy to pursue other activities, I made some good progress on the minis while watching series in the background.

I picked one of the assorted figures from my small sculpting list and started on some Bundeswehr Special Forces - Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK). Thanks to the new tools I ordered in early april, you can see some significant improvements in the amount of detail on the figures. I´m amazed by the difference it makes to work with these tools (simple dental tools, btw, obtained from the UK for 6 pounds + postage, so very cheap after all!). Definitely a worthwile investment!

So, the figure to the left is the group leader - unfortunately the weaponry didn´t have any more G36c or G36k in stock, so he had to take the long version to battle...

The guy on the right is a Designated Marksman / LMG-Gunner carrying the HK21, which is also known as G8 in the German Army.

Sorry for the blur on the last picture - I think you can still get the most important features, but I finally lost patience after taking ten bad pictures or so in a row.

Next, I will take a small sidetour to Africa and sculpt two minis for the National Army of Malongo, and then I will probably get back to complete the KSK-Team with two more guys.

Until then!


  1. NICE! These are looking really great! can't wait to see them painted!

  2. Really amazing work, man!
    The detail on the G36 is top notch.
    The tools as well as all the practice, patience and natural talent is clearly paying off.