Saturday, May 4, 2013

NAM - PKM Gunner

First of my two NAM-gunners are ready. The National Army of Malongo now has some MG-capabilities. The second guys still needs arms and his RPK, which I´ve yet to prepare. After that, I´m moving back to my KSK-Group.

The PKM is probably not meant to be carried that way, but I´ve seen pictures with guys holding the weapon on that forward grip and thought this would be ok. He is a badly paid, badly trained African, after all. Hope this guy is not breaking is weapon by carrying it the wrong way ;)

I still have to add the forward part of the iron sights close to the muzzle, and I´ve yet to fix the hand holding his helmet, but I think he is quite presentable already. Hope you like it!

We´re also coming ever closer to a resolution on our latest campaign scenario, which might be up next weekend if things go smoothly.

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