Thursday, May 23, 2013

KSK - Part 2

Hey there,

after some obscure silence during the last few weeks, I´m finally in the position to deliver something here again. I´ve been busy sculpting the last two KSK-Soldiers for the German SF-Team that I´ve started a few weeks ago. Now, that they´re finally done, I proudly present the new members of the Team:

Hans Wurst

Advancing while covering his sector

Hans Wurst is joined by Peter Kopf, with his slightly too large head:

Peter Kopf - Observing

And, of course, the final group shots:

In case someone is wondering why the two new guys are using metal weapons - there´s a simple answer.  With permission of Mark from MJ Figures, I´m using his 20mm weapon casts (accessories). Mark has some excellent weapons in stock and with his permision, I am able to save a lot of time by simply purchasing a pack of those and using them. This leaves me more time to focus on the actual figures and provides a uniform look, which is a lot better than fiddling around with weapons for every mini, having varying success and different looks for each weapon I make. I still have to do some finetuning on the weapon (removing the flashes and edges, cutting the weapon down to size to be more in scale with the minis, as some of them are slightly too large, etc.), but I save a lot of effort for a small price.
So, thanks again to Mark for his permission!

Next on top of the list are:
 - German Support Weapons (Panzerfaust 3, already half prepared  + least 1 Grenadier with AG36)
 - African stuff with FALs (not sure if NAM, Mercenaries, or some kind of Rebels?)

I´m not sure which of those I´ll do in immediate succession of the KSK.

Regarding the next campaign update, I still owe you a battlereport... and some news. 

I´m also planning a small step-by-step demonstration of how some of our houserules have reshaped the game, because the experience on the tabletop is quite different than standard FoF, even though the rule changes are small (filling just two pages).

So, a lot in the pipeline - stay tuned!

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  1. I really like those. Not just as a soldier but as miniature gamer. I am eager to see them finished and I am waiting for some new progress. Great work!

    But one thing: Those names ... no