Sunday, June 9, 2013

Marines and Insurgents

I finally found my motivation for painting again (thanks to Melvin and his nice Operators, which got me thinking that I should give the plastic minis another try...) and spent some time today working on Insurgents and my Marine Squad, whose last Fireteam was somewhere half-finished and waiting for completion. Here they are:

And from another perspective and with different lighting:

I also finished the first two insurgents, with more almost done but still waiting for some minor steps - most of the first batch of insurgents are conversions from the Caeser Urban Resisters pack, but most converted stuff was head- & torsoswaps or tweaks and modifications to the weaponry.

Nothing presentable on the sculpting front, but the German Grenadier is slowly taking shape.
I still owe you a battlereport from our Campaign, but I´m still not motivated to write it.
I should stop promising and anouncing stuff...   ;)

Anyway, sooner or later I will finish the other insurgent conversions and add Specialists to my USMC-Squad. Painting my vehicles proper is also on the list.


  1. Nice pictures, love the last one!

    1. Hey Phil,

      glad you like it! Strange enough though, as its far from the right background for those urban terrorist guys ;)