Friday, June 14, 2013

Angry Civilian

As I sideshow, I sculpted a civilian during the last few days, while the putty was drying on the other minis. As it´s a rather simple model, it was finished quite quickly. I think I learned some things with this mini though, sometimes less is more - I´ll try to reduce the extensive amount of layers I used on the last few minis and use fewer layers in the future and do whole parts of equipment at once.
It seems that adding things like pouches and small details onto hard putty is more hassle than sculpting the whole part of equipment in one go, e.g. trousers which pouches in one step - it does require more caution though, as you may not touch the freshly sculpted part at all.

Here is my angry civilian, who could also be used as a popular leader or with some imagination even as a suicide bomber during his last battlecry.

The hands are not perfect yet, thus he looks somewhat like a zombie - he is supposed to raise his fists into the air...

Meanwhile, I´m working on a Modern German Grenadier and an AT-Gunner with a Panzerfaust.

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