Monday, June 17, 2013

African Officer / NCO - Malongos Elite

Yesterday I took another dolly that I had prepared -  the one for my African Teamleader / Squadleader - and decided to give the quicker way with less layers and more rapid work a try. Letting the minis dry and harden for hours really annoys me sometimes, when I´m motivated to get things done but cannot continue. Somehow it worked for this mini - maybe the training and experience is slowly showig its effect. Anyway, I got this guy done from sceleton to head in a few hours yesterday afternoon (something like 3-5h, of course no working all the time). Today I only had to add the beret.

He´s a little on the short side of the scale, pretty much the size of a caesar mini -  so, nothing to worry about, pretty compatible with most 1/72 minis, but maybe a little short considering he ´s supposed to be african and those guys are usually taller. 

His Load Bearing Equipment is inspired by these guys (Congolese Dem-Rep. Soldiers) but he carries a FN FAL instead of Russian Stuff:

Here´s another angle, with a better view on the weapon:

And here´s the last pic for today:

I´m very satisfied with the result and happy that I was able to built him up from the simple dolly in one evening, avoiding the destruction of parts that I had sculpted earlier.

I also progressed on the Germans, the Grenadier is almost finished (just some minor tweaks) but I´m withholding him until the AT-Soldier is ready as well.

I´ve also got a special character in the pipeline, sculpted after a picture that has fascinated me for a while. But more on that later - maybe  ;)


  1. I agree. I know, face sculpting is a difficult thing, but I think, you did a good job on him!

    Cool work!

  2. Thanks everyone, glad you like the figure. I´m almost done with the Germans now, just have to add some pouches to the AT-guy.