Saturday, June 22, 2013

German Support Weapons

Today I took some photos of the two German Support Weapons that I finished earlier this week.

I don´t have much to say regarding there, not 100% satisfied with the Grenadier - while the AT-Soldier looks quite good in my opinion. The Panzerfaust looks a little warped on the picture above, which is mostly caused by the perspective of the picture - look at the pics below, its not that bad in reality.

If anyone has any idea what is wrong with the Grenadier, I´d by very happy - I cannot quite pinpoint whats the problem with him. My girlfriend says he looks fine, but I feel like something is wrong with him...


  1. Very nice work: I'm always blown away by what "amateur" sculptors can do.

    I am no expert, but the grenadier's left arm seems to be a problem from what I can see. It seems to curve in at the wrist, whereas the AT soldier's is bent correctly at the elbow.

    This is just a thought though so I may be wrong!
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hmm, that might indeed be the problem. While it is entirely possible to bend your arm in such a way, it looks very uncomfortable and is certainly not the natural way to hold the weapon.

  2. Another thing regarding the PzFst-Soldier ... take a look at his G 36. Are you sure that he would carry his G 36 this way?

  3. And what is this? Does the PzF-gunman carry his G 36 with its barrel upwards? I would like to see how he's going to react on a sudden attack then.

    1. he wouldn´t be much quicker with the barrel pointing to the ground if he carries it on his back. He´d be screwed anyway, so he´d better rely on his comrades covering him. I guess in practice you´d rather put your weapon down beside you (of keeping it in front of you, dangling on your chest) - but neither of those where practical with the sculpt, as I hadn´t planned it with that problem in mind.

  4. He would be a lot faster - be sure.

    And he would never lay down his weapon. But away from that: NEVER EVER AND NEVER have a weapon on your back pointing upwards - especially not when you are in a combat situation!

    You asked for some thoughts. Okay - and those are mine: The sculpt is cool - really cool, the pose is well chosen, but the "historical accuracy" lacks.

    Take care