Saturday, June 29, 2013

Of Soldiers, Rebels and a Kitten...

Hey there,

I´ve been practising a little more to refine my sculpting skills and after my African Officer has turned out quite good-looking with little effort, I´ve decided to stick with the quicker way of doing things, reducing the amount of layering on the sculpts. This has resulted in an increase in my working speed - or maybe I just hit a very productive phase, but somehow those are connected, as seeing (decent) results quickly is much more rewarding than fiddling around a long time to finish a figure of similar quality with much more layers. Now, instead of two minis last week, I´ve finished three and have another one almost complete, which is roughly twice the speed of my previous work.

First, I did an African rebel, eager to sculpt something with an RPG. That figure was finished very quickly, as it doesn´t have a great amount of equipment. Next, I expanded my range of NAM-Soldiers with another FAL-armed rifleman in a reloading pose. After those two, I prepared the next two dollies with two shooting poses, one of which is already finished, the other one halfway there.

And, to top all those off, I also did a little kitten for my girlfriend, as I asked her if I could sculpt something for her. In 1/72 scale, of course. Which means its very hard to get any details on it - getting the silhouette roughly right has been hard enough ;)

Thats it for today, more coming as I progress.

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